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People Solutions

We are seeing technological advancements every day. Innovations are not rare anymore. The way people do the work has changed, the technologies used for work has changed, the methodologies have changed and even the demands of customers have changed.

Even after so many advancements one thing has not changed and might never change the “Human Touch”. Even in today’s technologically advanced time, an employee is still one of the most important resources for any organization.

Though it may sound unlikely, but the ability to take decisions, emotional intelligence, makes a human mind far more superior than any machine.

In today’s unpredictable economy, more and more decision-makers are turning to outsourcing—and to Incubit—to help them improve performance and lower overhead. A lot of organizations may think that outsourcing or taking a help for recruitment is an expensive and tedious task as it requires a lot of expertise and specialization to find the right fit.

But with Incubit you can put behind all your worries. We provide highly specialized People’s solution so that organizations can put an end to their misery.

Below mentioned are a couple of things we specialize in:

  • Outsourcing Model: Using our expertise and technological advancement we find the best person for a particular project. Finding a perfect fit according to vast parameter is a tedious task but we make sure to fulfill every requirement you have.

  • Permanent Staffing Model: Here we help you identify candidates for long-term full time employment based on specified candidate factors.

  • Contract to hire Model: Contract-to-hire means the employee is placed in a short-term position for a set period of time, with the possibility of being hired full-time when the contract ends. Using our expertise we help you build such model for your business.

  • Staff Augmentation: We help you find the best possible person for the job. First we understand what your business requires, what are your project requirements, and then we move forward with the task of finding the right candidate.

  • In-house Recruitment: We help you build platform for In-House recruitment and database for the same. We also help you create programs for internal employee referral.

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