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Big Data Solution

Traditional ways of doing business is not a very feasible solution in today’s technologically advanced business environment. Technological Advancements like Big Data or AI can make a business grow at a rate one cannot imagine. Businesses have many misconceptions about adapting to these new methods it is a common belief that these measures are very costly, they require a lot of time and manpower and may not give promised results. That is not the case.

Incubit views Big Data as a catalyst for business transformation and enables this through our industry-focused themes. These themes are underpinned by robust platforms and services that utilize the best-of-breed Big Data technologies across the data continuum. Our approach has helped our clients across industries transform their businesses and gain significantly by leveraging the power of Big Data across their value chain. Incubit’s expertise accelerates big data implementations and helps enterprises drive actionable intelligence for faster innovation.

We provide our expertise in the following services:

  • Data Analytics: We can help companies better understand their customers, evaluate their ad campaigns, personalize content, create content strategies and develop products. Ultimately, businesses can use data analytics to boost business performance and improve their bottom line.

  • Data Visualization: We help our clients with a swift, effective and easily accessible way to identify important patterns. This enables their sales and marketing teams to gain quick insights and make fast decisions in a competitive environment, without having to waste time on manual analysis.

  • Hadoop: Using Hadoop we help organizations make sense of both structured and unstructured data. It helps them to produce new insights because they are able to process new data types, such as social media streams and sensor input using Hadoop.

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