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Incubit Insight

In the modern day business environment every resource has to be made tailored fit according to the need of its users. Every business needs to assess how their various indicators are performing. So that if the indicators are not performing up to the mark the organization can take place the necessary action to improve their performance. We create a simplified dashboard that helps you understand the performance of key indicators with the help charts and graphs that are not only easy to understand but also provide with an accurate assessment. It may seem a very technical process and one might thing it requires technical skills to analyse the data retrieved from the KPI dashboard but that is not the case. Incubit brings their experience and expertise to your rescue.

Incubit Insight is a flexible KPI dashboard unit which indicates key performance indicator with the help of interactive visual graphics like (Bar Graphs, Charts, Info graphics) allowing you for swift, structured review and analysis.

Key performance indicators are quantifiable measures of performance over time for specific strategic objectives.

It is powered by Microsoft Reporting Services, who as we all know is the Industry leader SQL Server Reporting Services You may wonder how all the data gets on the dashboard.

Well Incubit Insight pulls data from multiple disparate sources and pushes it out to diverse groups and departments enterprise wide. It is not limited to only certain parameters, a organization is run by many factors and for a business to grow all of them have to perform really well and that is what Incubit helps you to do, by keeping an eye on all of these parameters.

With Incubit Insight don’t just be confident in the decisions you make

but also be the guiding light for your business.

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