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Incubit Armadillo

The modern technology has changed the business process for good. From management decisions to clients queries solutions everything has gone digital. This has definitely helped companies to manage their Data in a better manner.

Transformation in technology has led to enhanced role of data in business, with different types of analysis and segregation you can exactly find out what next step you need to take for your business. When something plays such an important role in your business its security is a big concern.

Organizations often misinterpret the importance of Data security which in-turn leads to big losses. Cyber Attacks are the leading threat to Data integrity of big corporations who handle terabytes of data on a daily basis.

Let us understand why Data security is so important:

1. To ensure safeguarding of trade secrets: Every organization has trade secrets to safeguard from others. It maybe how their product is made or how they target the customers or some management decisions. Now that everything is digital safeguarding such secrets is a big task for big organizations.

2. To prevent unauthorized access: Certain information is not meant for everyone to see for, with Incubit Armadillo you can safeguard your data and only the correct person will be able to access it.

3. To ensure Data integrity: Data integrity is the phrase used to refer to the data’s reliability and precision. For the data to be reliable and precise it needs to be free of variations and unauthorized access. Failure to do so may cost you reliable image of your business.

4. Prevent Insider information leak: If the data is not protected in a correct manner it may get into the hands of a wrong person which might cost the whole organization.

Now what does Incubit bring on the table for you?

With state of the art technology Incubit Armadillo allows you to create a custom-branded,

password-protected area where you can exchange business files easily, proficiently, and more securely than typical “secure” file transfer sites.

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