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Leadership: CEO Townhall Rewind

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

"Enhancing our Sales & Marketing efforts while continuing our history of excellence and project execution."
"Investing in our workforce, in you, by providing encouragement & support to grow your skills in technologies for future."
"AI & Machine Learning platforms will become more and more important as our massive data storage."
"Our goal is to retain higher competent individuals and create work environment that allows us all to fulfill your potential even in this virtual work environment. ‘Respecting our all employees’ should be guiding principle."
"Technologies are emerging so we have to make sure that how we as a company engage with those technologies.; AWS & Google Cloud Platform these will be important technologies to concentrate on."
"We want to stay flexible, we cannot really predict the effects of Pandemic. We will stay flexible and adapt these challenges."

Excepts from Dorian Wolter's Townhall on 14th December 2021


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