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Transforming Gift Card Sales


As we know Christmas is a season of joy and happiness and the exchange of gifts is a tradition. Every year millions of gifts are exchanged, as gift cards fit perfectly as a gift as it gives the receiver the freedom to buy the gift of their choice.

More than 95% of annual gift card sales take place in the four weeks leading up to Christmas. In 2020 only, around 114% higher sales of gift card was observed in the month of December compared to the 3rd quarter of 2020.

A significant gift card dealer threatened to discontinue the sale of our client’s gift cards over the Christmas period. Stating that the existing web-based sales app was not making enough sales.

The Seller, an industry-leading mail and packaging company, was very concerned about jeopardizing sales of its highly profitable products during the busy Christmas period when sales are expected to skyrocket, as it could take the sales associate important man hours to enter the sale manually.


Incubit with expertise in enterprise solutions requiring a perfect blend of technology and human expertise, was called to help. After a detailed diagnosis, the expert team at Incubit recommended for a POS solution.

Incubit was contacted in September to device and implement a highly efficient POS solution for the upcoming Christmas season. Incubit began with physically visiting multiple stores of the seller and interviewed numerous store owners and sales associates to comprehend their requirements and working environment that they operate in.

After an in-depth analysis, Incubit came up with the following solutions:

  1. A specialized POS solution that reduced the time to convert a sale by over 90%.

  2. Within 4 weeks an advanced, secure and highly responsive application had been examined, conditions of this test were according to our client’s review process.

  3. The application was online on Incubit’s hosted server environment and used very efficiently for the busy Christmas season with uptime of over 99.99%.

  4. Incubit also fabricated a training program for the seller to teach them effective sales techniques.


From a situation where our client was about to lose sales at the most important time of the year, to using specialized solutions for efficient and effective sales, Incubit played a major role in this transition.

A web-based application was created according to our client’s needs and conditions it was online on Incubit’s hosted server environment it was used very efficiently for the busy Christmas season with uptime of over 99.99%.

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