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Matching Data Model for Major Credit Card Company


Our Client, a major Credit card company looked out to augment number of credit card accepting healthcare providers.

For the same, segregating the MDs accepting Credit Cards and the one’s not accepting it was the initial challenge.

This may seem a simple task, but when we associate it with Healthcare system there are many challenges associated with it.

  • For name, address, or phone number based matching is a complex process, as many MDs work for multiple hospitals or clinics.

  • Also, many of them might also have private practices, each with their own credit card acceptance policy.

  • In addition, many independent doctors work out of the same facility at the same address, yet each individual doctor may have different credit card acceptance policies depending on their payroll structure.


After in-depth analysis of the case we realized that situation demanded to build a matching model that allowed lists of in-network providers to be matched alongside the list of credit card accepting merchants to identify non-accepting prospects and support appropriate marketing efforts.


The results of the match making list were astonishingly high.

The results were expected to be good, but the Accuracy of the list surpassed any pre-existing list or service. Thereby enabling our client a access to a highly optimized first-hand database.

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