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Fabricating a secured network for a Fortune 100 financial institution

Challenge Our Client, a Fortune 100 financial institution, approached Incubit to Fabricate and host a secure account management website offering online statements, funds transfer, and electronic account applications for a new financial product.

Solution Incubit quickly came into action and within the period of 4 months created a website and the interfaces to business partners to apply transfer funds and apply for new accounts. The website was hoisted on Incubit data center and complied with all applicable PCI data security standards, and also successfully went through multiple VTA (Vulnerability Threat Assessments).

Results The Website successfully completed multiple Vulnerability Threat Assessments and had an uptime record better than 99.9%. The Director of the Fortune 100 Credit Card Company commented on Incubit’s Successful work: “The incredibly successful implementation is a testament to the tireless dedication and personal accountability that these individuals routinely demonstrate."

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