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Advanced Sales Database solution for Multinational Sales Organization


Our Client, a multinational sales organization was facing a difficult time managing their sales leads. Their internal and external sales organizations required a single reliable source of leads to steer clear of duplicate sales efforts.

  • The existing system categorized leads based on estimated size and then allocated it to different sales organizations based on classification. At times the same lead obtained from numerous sources was allocated to different sales organizations that would compete for the lead.

  • An additional problem was that in many cases a lead was assigned to a sales organization that was already an existing customer. With millions of existing customers, identifying, differentiating valid leads from existing customers was challenging.


Incubit was motivated to merge leads from various list sources into a consolidated lead database.

Lists ranged from millions of records (D&B, ABI) to smaller industry specific lists with only thousands of records.

Incubit was successful in solving the following complex problems:

  • Implemented a fast name matching engine that could match millions of records within only a few hours.

  • Several commercial products were unable to perform the match with an acceptable amount of time and with the complex business rules required for matching company information (as opposed to personal information).

Action Taken

Incubit took inspiration from IB Match product to implement the powerful match engine.

We also implemented an algorithm to merge information from multiple leads into one consolidated record. The merge required that certain data elements from one list would be allowed to supersede information from other lists that were deemed inferior for the lead type or the data element.

We created a data model that could keep track of all leads and the originating lists of their data elements, we also created allocation algorithms that could allocate leads to sales organizations and to individual sales agents, based on estimated size, industry and regional criteria and frequently changing marketing goals.

The allocated leads were automatically fed into the appropriate CRM systems. Created a data load procedures that could handle the load of approximately millions of records into the extremely complex data model of the prospects database at any time of the day without compromising use of the database.


Incubit received great success in creating a consolidated database for our client.

Apart from that Incubit was accomplished in making match models and algorithms to merge data into one consolidated model.

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