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Incubit Transformed Sales for Gift Card Dealer


Gift cards are plastic cards that resemble credit/debit cards. The card is preloaded with a desired amount of money by the gift sender and gifted to the recipient who can then use it to purchase products or services of his choice. In terms of functionality, the gift card can be swiped at any of the POS (points of sale) at the stores, just like a debit card. It can also be used to make purchases online using the number and pin available on the card.


As we know Christmas is a season of joy and happiness and the exchange of gifts is a tradition. Every year millions of gifts are exchanged, as gift cards fit perfectly as a gift as it gives the receiver the freedom to buy the gift of their choice.

More than 95% of annual gift card sales take place in the four weeks leading up to Christmas. In 2020 only, around 114% higher sales of gift card was observed in the month of December compared to the 3rd quarter of 2020.

A significant gift card dealer threatened to discontinue the sale of our client’s gift cards over the Christmas period. Stating that the existing web-based sales app was not making enough sales.

The Seller, an industry-leading mail and packaging company, was very concerned about jeopardizing sales of its highly profitable products during the busy Christmas period when sales are expected to skyrocket, as it could take the sales associate important man hours to enter the sale manually.


Incubit with expertise in enterprise solutions requiring a perfect blend of technology and human expertise, was called to help. After a detailed diagnosis, the expert team at Incubit recommended for a POS solution.

Incubit was contacted in September to device and implement a highly efficient POS solution for the upcoming Christmas season. Incubit began with physically visiting multiple stores of the seller and interviewed numerous store owners and sales associates to comprehend their requirements and working environment that they operate in.

After an in-depth analysis, Incubit came up with the following solutions:

  • A specialized POS solution that reduced the time to convert a sale by over 90%.

  • Within 4 weeks an advanced, secure and highly responsive application had been examined, conditions of this test were according to our client’s review process.

  • The application was online on Incubit’s hosted server environment and used very efficiently for the busy Christmas season with uptime of over 99.99%.

  • Incubit also fabricated a training program for the seller to teach them effective sales techniques.



From a situation where our client was about to lose sales at the most important time of the year, to using specialized solutions for efficient and effective sales, Incubit played a major role in this transition.

A web-based application was created according to our client’s needs and conditions it was online on Incubit’s hosted server environment it was used very efficiently for the busy Christmas season with uptime of over 99.99%.

At the Office

Advanced CRM Solutions for 3 Salesforces.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) refers to strategies, tools, techniques, software that an organization uses to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle. The objective is to improve customer service relationships and assist in customer retention and drive sales growth. There are many benefits associated with CRM.

  • It connects a business with their customer, which helps businesses to understand the needs of customers, their review which makes a customer feel valued. This in turn leads to a better public image of the business which may lead to higher sales.

  • Generate Valuable Leads.

  •  Better decision-, as the business is provided with real insights and valuable data.

  • Identify new opportunities, analyze performance and diagnose potential threats

  • Higher Profits as business gets a 360◦ view of customers, and they can identify new opportunities and threats from all the angles


Our Client used three different home-grown CRM solutions for three different highly distributed sales forces that shared many customers but used immensely different methodologies and sold different products. The client needed an integrated solution that enabled all three sales forces to share information. In addition, the CRM solution had to integrate with an existing reporting and compensation system.


Incubit was called into action to develop a web-based custom solution. Incubit implemented an application that provided the necessary functionality to the members of each sales team.

For the same Incubit came up with a complex authorization model that allowed each sales agent, manager, or administrator to observe and alter the appropriate customer information.


The Application was a huge success and well adopted by the sales executives.

The obsolete three legacy applications were decommissioned and the new sales system was brought into action and is successfully being used for over 5 years.

Tall Buildings

Incubit fabricates Website for Fortune 100 Financial Institution


Our Client, a Fortune 100 financial institution, approached Incubit to Fabricate and host a secure account management website offering online statements, funds transfer, and electronic account applications for a new financial product.



Incubit quickly came into action and within the period of 4 months created a website and the interfaces to business partners to apply transfer funds and apply for new accounts. The website was hoisted on Incubit data center and complied with all applicable PCI data security standards, and also successfully went through multiple VTA (Vulnerability Threat Assessments).



The Website successfully completed multiple Vulnerability Threat Assessments and had an uptime record better than 99.9%.

The Director of the Fortune 100 Credit Card Company commented on Incubit’s Successful work:

“The incredibly successful implementation is a testament to the tireless dedication and personal accountability that these individuals routinely demonstrate."

Closing a Deal

Incubit Creates Matching Data Model for Major Credit Card Company


A Credit is a thin plastic card which is issued by variety of financial institutions. A purpose of a credit card is to let you borrow funds from a pre-approved limit to pay for your expenses/purchases. The limit can vary from person to person depending on their credit score. If the credit score is higher it means you have good credit history thus you can get a higher limit on your credit card spending limit.


Our Client, a major Credit card company looked out to augment number of credit card accepting healthcare providers.

For the same, segregating the MDs accepting Credit Cards and the one’s not accepting it was the initial challenge.

This may seem a simple task, but when we associate it with Healthcare system there are many challenges associated with it.

  • For name, address, or phone number based matching is a complex process, as many MDs work for multiple hospitals or clinics. 

  • Also, many of them might also have private practices, each with their own credit card acceptance policy.

  • In addition, many independent doctors work out of the same facility at the same address, yet each individual doctor may have different credit card acceptance policies depending on their payroll structure.



After in-depth analysis of the case we realized that situation demanded to build a matching model that allowed lists of in-network providers to be matched alongside the list of credit card accepting merchants to identify non-accepting prospects and support appropriate marketing efforts.


The results of the match making list were astonishingly high.

The results were expected to be good, but the Accuracy of the list surpassed any pre-existing list or service. Thereby enabling our client a access to a highly optimized first-hand database.

Modern Office Building

Advanced Sales Database solution for Multinational Sales Organization


A Sale’s leads data base can be defined as an organized collection of data of current and future customers. It can also be used to track your customers buying behaviour so that they can be offered accordingly.



Our Client, a multinational sales organization was facing a difficult time managing their sales leads. Their internal and external sales organizations required a single reliable source of leads to steer clear of duplicate sales efforts.

  • The existing system categorized leads based on estimated size and then allocated it to different sales organizations based on classification. At times the same lead obtained from numerous sources was allocated to different sales organizations that would compete for the lead.

  • An additional problem was that in many cases a lead was assigned to a sales organization that was already an existing customer. With millions of existing customers, identifying, differentiating valid leads from existing customers was challenging.



Incubit was motivated to merge leads from various list sources into a consolidated lead database.

Lists ranged from millions of records (D&B, ABI) to smaller industry specific lists with only thousands of records.

 Incubit was successful in solving the following complex problems:

  • Implemented a fast name matching engine that could match millions of records within only a few hours.

  • Several commercial products were unable to perform the match with an acceptable amount of time and with the complex business rules required for matching company information (as opposed to personal information).


Incubit took inspiration from IB Match product to implement the powerful match engine.

We also implemented an algorithm to merge information from multiple leads into one consolidated record. The merge required that certain data elements from one list would be allowed to supersede information from other lists that were deemed inferior for the lead type or the data element.

We created a data model that could keep track of all leads and the originating lists of their data elements, we also created allocation algorithms that could allocate leads to sales organizations and to individual sales agents, based on estimated size, industry and regional criteria and frequently changing marketing goals.

The allocated leads were automatically fed into the appropriate CRM systems. Created a data load procedures that could handle the load of approximately millions of records into the extremely complex data model of the prospects database at any time of the day without compromising use of the database.


Incubit received great success in creating a consolidated database for our client.

Apart from that Incubit was accomplished in making match models and algorithms to merge data into one consolidated model.